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Know Your Ranchers – Rose L7 Ranch

Ranch Name & Family Members Involved?

Rose L7 Ranch, LLC - Roy & late wife Dolly, Gary & Tana and Jesse & Becky

Segment of the Beef community?

We have a commercial cow/calf operation that is Simmental Influenced. We have, in recent years, started to build back our Registered Simmental herd and have retained some bulls to support our cows. We also raise our own replacement heifers. In addition to the cow/calf operation, we maintain a feedlot in which we finish out cattle we raise and sell direct to the packers and work with local meat lockers to supply beef directly to customers, some as far away as Virginia.

Where is your ranch located?

Our ranch is situated North of Chamberlain, SD, in the Missouri River Hills and is split by the Brule and Buffalo County line with crop land and pasture in both counties.

How long have your ranched?

As most family operations go, as soon as you can reach the pedals on the tractor, you're hired! Roy Rose, 92, has ranched all his life and to this day feeds cattle. After completing the 8th grade, he left school to pursue ranching with his dad, Lee Rose. From there, Roy’s son, Gary, followed in his suit and came back to the family ranch after attending South Dakota State University (SDSU). Jesse, the youngest of 3 kids, also came back to the family operation after college at SDSU. Jesse and his wife, Becky, have 4 boys ranging in age from 4 to 14 who also contribute to the day-to-day operations on the ranch. Everything from raking hay to stacking bales to feeding bottle calves or weeding the garden. There is never a job too small to contribute to the success of our family’s ranch. There are currently 4 generations all living on the ranch and working towards the success of the family operation.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and about your ranch?

Rose L7 Ranch, LLC is a Century Farm. Settled by Joe & Laura Rose, this family operation was originally homesteaded in 1904. Joe’s son, Lee, expanded on the original homestead in 1916. He married Katie and they had 3 children. Of those 3 children, Roy was the one to find the passion and drive for the industry. Roy found the love of his life and married Dolly in 1950. Roy and Dolly have 2 children, Gary and Cheryl. Gary, much like his dad, found his love of the land and returned from college to help run the family operation as did Gary’s youngest son, Jesse. Today, Roy, Gary and Jesse all work side by side in the management decisions of Rose L7 Ranch.

The name, Rose L7 Ranch, is a combination of the family name and our ranch brand, L7 (left shoulder brand). The brand was originally established in 1940 and registered under Lee Rose, Roy’s father. It is still used today on all their cattle that they run on their land.

Throughout the years, the Roses have been innovative and forward thinking. They have always run a diversified operation which at one time included hogs, sheep and chickens. At one point, Gary had his own hay grinder and would travel to other farms and ranches to grind hay. Today, one of those diversifications includes a hunting lodge. Gary and his wife, Tana, started the secondary enterprise in 2000. Rose L7 Hunting is a hunting lodge that they use to bring another source of income to the ranch. They welcome hunters from all over the United States to their family’s ranch. Crop land is stripped out during silage cutting and hunted from mid-September until Christmas. When they are done hunting the strips, the strips are either dry chopped for feed or the cows are turned out on them for grazing. It is a perfect combination and works well for our operation.

The Rose Ranch has also been highly involved in their community giving countless volunteer hours to all kinds of organizations. From township board members, local South Dakota Cattle Women club officers to Brule County 4-H leaders: The Rose family can be found in records from years past to present giving whatever time or financial contributions they can to help better their community. They have always strived to improve things for the next generation whether that be their own family or the area youth.

What do you want consumers to know about the Beef industry?

One thing we would like to consumers to know about the beef industry is the time and consideration we as producers put into the production of their food. We value their trust and want to assure them that we are creating a high-quality product that we think is wholesome enough to feed to our own families. It’s in our blood to take care of what God has entrusted us with. We do it with the utmost respect for the land and the animals. It is hard work and is often a thankless job. One that most don’t seem to understand or appreciate. The family dinner table has gotten further away from the hands that prepare the food. On top of that, the volatility and uncertainty producers experience on a daily basis is stressful. For the consumer, all they see is the end product and the price tag on it. We wish for them to understand the work that went into bringing that meat to their family’s dinner table.

One word to describe your life as a rancher and why?

Family. Our operation is in itself defined as Family. For 6 generations, we have been a family who has worked and lived together day in and day out. We work together to continue this legacy that was started 115 years ago. With the 6th generation currently involved, we want to sustain this ranch for the future generations. From the beginning, that has always been the goal, to make it happen for the next generation. There are 15 grandchildren who have all, at one point, contributed to the ranch. In 2020, Gary had the privilege of having 14 of his 15 grandkids help at the ranch branding. It was a fun day and the cousins all still talk about it.

Favorite Beef Dish?

With so many favorites on our plate every meal, BEEF is truly what’s for Dinner! It really is hard to pick just one. Jesse and Becky’s family enjoy roast with potatoes and carrots. Gary and Tana say you can’t beat a burger on the grill. Roy says his favorite is a ribeye, medium rare on the grill. However, a family favorite is often chili. It is excellent to warm up on a cold day and goes well with cornbread or with chips on a hot day. Here is an easy dump chili recipe that will fill the biggest pot you have. Enjoy!

Cowboy Chili

2 lbs. ground beef cooked and fat drained

2 packages taco seasoning

1 can kidney beans

2 cans chili beans

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can diced tomatoes with green chili peppers

2 cans corn with diced green and red peppers

Combine all ingredients and heat through. If you desire, you can add more tomatoes and corn to taste. Serve with sour cream, shredded cheese, corn chips. Another idea is to serve it over a baked potato.

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