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Know Your Rancher - Zens Herefords

Ranch Name & Family Members Involved?

Zens Herefords – Harley and Ronda Zens

Matt & Jill – Stratton, Treston & Shaylee

Mark & Jenny – Isaac, Owen and Macy

Segment of the Beef community?

We are a registered Hereford ranch selling bulls by Private Treaty, as well as replacement heifers and show steers.

Where is your ranch located?

We are located 6 miles South West of Canova, SD.

How long have your ranched?

Zens Herefords was established in 1955 by Clement Zens. Now the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations are working together to operate the ranch.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and about your ranch?

We have been selling Hereford bulls by Private Treaty for over 65 years. These bulls are raised for the success of the commercial cattlemen. We use ET and AI in our program to offer top genetics at an affordable price to our customers, who are our friends and neighbors. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with these folks. They are truly some of the best people in the world.

Harley has served as a past director for the SD Cattlemen’s and Matt is the current Vice President for the SD Hereford Assn. We were lucky enough to be named the SD Hereford Seedstock Producer of the Year in 2015.

What do you want consumers to know about the Beef industry?

We love what we do. Just ask anyone that cared for livestock over the past few years. We have had some very challenging times and we wouldn’t keep at it if we didn’t love it. That passion makes the tough days of floods, mud, blizzards or drought a little easier to handle. The smiles of watching a new calf or seeing a good bull go down the road to a friend makes those tough times all worthwhile.

One word to describe your life as a rancher and why?

Integrity – we work with our friends and neighbors and want to see their success as much as our own. We try to always do the right thing and everything else seems to fall into place. It makes the hard work more enjoyable when you aren’t worried about something.

Favorite Beef Dish?

Griddle Ribeye Sandwich


8oz thin sliced and trimmed ribeye, lightly dusted with seasoning salt.

Optional peppers

Optional mushrooms

Optional onions


Add a dollop of butter on the griddle for the steak and a second dollop for your sides

Once the steak and optional toppings are about done, combine and cover with pepper jack cheese

Lightly butter a hoagie bun to toast on the griddle.

When bun is toasted to your choice, add the steak and toppings.

Keep one hand free for a cold one!

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