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Independence Day Grilling with SDBIC Director of Nutrition, Holly Swee!

Independence Day celebrations have begun! My family and I celebrate throughout the week, not only for our country’s independence, but also because it lands on or near many other celebrations including a family birthday and anniversary. Although my family and I cook and enjoy a variety of beef meals throughout the work week, we also hold it in high regards for celebrations.

This year we plan to keep our celebrations easy and economical by preparing a delicious burger bar for people to enjoy. I love this concept as it allows family and guests to use a delicious beef burger as a canvas for a delicious escape! I suggest having a variety of toppings, buns and condiments available, but also try having a few different flavor combinations. Guests will have an opportunity to get creative as they build a flavorful burger. The possibilities with toppings are truly endless! Here are a few great topping ideas and suggestions for a burger bar from to get you started.

  • Southern Burger: Pepper Jelly, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes (or tomatillo salsa) and coleslaw

  • Western Burger: Onion Rings, BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese and avocado slices

  • Fiery Fiesta Burger: Salsa Verde with grilled poblano and jalapeño, Monterey jack cheese (or sub pepper jack cheese) and tomato

  • Grilled Hawaiian Burger: Grilled pineapple, Swiss cheese, sweet onion and BBQ sauce

Find these great BEEF Burger recipes, along with cooking tips and more at

For more delicious grilling recipe and tips visit or

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