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Eichacker Simmentals

Updated: May 3, 2021

Throughout May Beef Month, the South Dakota Beef Blog will be introducing you to South Dakota Beef producers from across the state in our “Know Your Ranchers” Blog series. Our first “Know Your Rancher’s” Blog takes us to Salem, South Dakota where the Steve and Cathy Eichacker family have many generations behind their diverse farming operations and have been operating since 1980. Follow along as the Eichacker Family shares their story.

Ranch Name & Family Members Involved?

Eichacker Simmentals – Steve, Cathy, Amanda, Nick & Adam Eichacker and Steve’s brother Greg Eichacker.

What Segment of the Beef community is your family involved with?

We are a Simmental seedstock producer, having an annual bull and female sale at the farm the 1st Friday in March. We keep our own replacement heifers and finish out our non-replacements.

Where is your ranch located?

We are located in Salem, SD. Our farm is 2 miles north off I-90 at exit 368.

How long have your ranched?

Steve Eichacker is the 3rd generation on the family farm. Steve & Cathy have been farming together for nearly 40 years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and about your ranch?

Steve’s grandpa started the farming venture milking cows. Steve’s dad continued that operation until 1980 when he sold all his milk cows to a brother down the road and concentrated more on the seedstock business. Steve’s dad started using Simmentals around the early 1970’s and that venture has grown to producing PB Simmentals and Simmental Cross cattle and Red Angus genetics, selling them at an annual sale the 1st Friday in March on the farm. Steve & Cathy, along with Steve’s brother Greg and their son, Adam and herdsman Paul Grace and a few other key employees also grow many acres of corn & soybeans and hay. Steve & Cathy have 3 children, Amanda, Nick & Adam, and 4 grandchildren. Amanda & Nick take part in the farming operation when needed and Adam is full-time on the farm and will continue growing the operation. Steve & Cathy have been very active in many aspects of the American Simmental Association and the SD Simmental Association serving on many boards and also as Jr Advisors for 20 years. They have also been very active in their local community and church and were also very involved in 4-H and FFA projects.

What do you want consumers to know about the Beef industry?

With all the negativity out there about beef, I want consumers to know that beef plays a very important part in our daily nutrition intake. Not only does beef provide us with zinc, iron & protein, the beef animal produces hundreds of by-products that we use every day! Beef producers do everything in their power to produce the best quality beef in the most efficient way. Beef producers are some of the most passionate people in the industry when it comes to managing their farms, they are stewards of the land and respecting that right to farm doesn’t come lightly.

One word to describe your life as a rancher and why?

“Rewarding” - Nothing is better than being able to do something you love every day and passing that passion onto the next generation. That evening drive to check the cows in the pasture is a memory to cherish always!

Favorite Beef Dish?

All of them…. but you just can’t beat a juicy steak coming off the grill with freshly picked asparagus…Yum!

Follow along all this month as we will be featuring several South Dakota Beef Farmers and Ranchers from across South Dakota and their commitment to bringing a high-quality protein to consumers tables. As the Eichacker family states, being a Beef producer is Rewarding and nothing is better than being able to do something you love every day and passing that passion onto the next generation.

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