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Did you know South Dakota is home to nearly 14,000 beef farms and ranches caring for 3.8 million head of cattle; outnumbering state residents by 4.3 beef animals for every 1 consumer. Beef Farmers and Ranchers work tirelessly to provide BEEF for consumers 365 day a year and this is the perfect opportunity to show them how much we appreciate their dedication! May is Beef Month and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council is proud to highlight all our hardworking beef farmers and ranchers and the work they do in bringing this high-quality protein to the table.

Governor Kristi Noem declared May as Beef month in South Dakota with an official proclamation signature on May 11, 2022. The proclamation is important in recognizing beef’s impact in South Dakota’s economy as summer continues to be the peak season for beef sales with an average of approximately 30 percent of yearly beef dollars captured between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Join us as we celebrate beef farmers and ranchers this summer with our “Celebrate Beef” campaign. As we take the opportunity to Celebrate Beef during May Beef Month the SDBIC will be highlighting BEEF at several events across the state throughout the month including the Back When They Bucked event May 29 & 30, 2022 in Deadwood, SD, and the Sioux Falls Storm game taking place on May 14, 2022. As always, the South Dakota Junior Beef Ambassadors will also be working within their local communities promoting our favorite protein within their schools and communities!

We encourage you to grab your grill kit, put on your apron, and get grillin! It’s time for summer and beef has you covered whether it’s that juicy burger or flavorful steak! Get out and celebrate!

During this May Beef Month let’s say thank you to our South Dakota Beef Farmers and Ranchers for their continued commitment to care. Learn more about SDBIC efforts during May Beef Month by visit

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