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The South Dakota Beef Industry Council

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) serves as a trusted resource and recognized leader within the beef industry; striving to continuously share accurate, evidence-based information about beef and the process of raising a safe, nutritious, high-quality beef product. The SDBIC works on behalf of South Dakota’s beef farmers and ranchers to ensure consumers are informed and feel connected to the beef community.  


The South Dakota Beef Industry Council is the Qualified State Beef Council which collects and administers the $1 beef checkoff on cattle sold in South Dakota. Checkoff dollars are utilized strictly for promotion, education and research programs. Fifty cents of every dollar is directed to the Cattlemen's Beef Board for programs on the national level. The SDBIC retains 50 cents, which is invested in additional national programs and in-state programs. Funding is determined by the SDBIC's board of directors which is made up of 24 volunteer cattle producers representing 8 agriculture organizations from across the state. 

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